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Warranty & Jewelry Care


We take great care in making sure our jewelry is inspected and free from any defects. We offer a limited one year free warranty against manufacturing defects on all our jewelry. Our warranty excludes theft, loss of precious stones, and coverage for wear and tear. Our warranty will become void if a third party is involved without our approval. We strongly recommend that you have your jewelry insured through your home policy.

Care instructions

We have always advised our customers to keep their jewellery looking like new through regular cleaning. We suggest a soft toothbrush with a dab of toothpaste for cleaning most jewellery.

Do not clean over an open sink! Carefully rinse and pat dry with a soft cloth. It is also best not to wear jewellery when participating in sports activity that could damage a precious stone.

Also be attentive when using harsh chemicals when cleaning by either removing jewellery or wearing gloves. From time to time closely inspect your jewellery to ensure the settings are secure. For example Platinum being a soft metal is susceptible to minor shifts over time.

For storage silver jewellery should be in an air tight box and gold jewellery in a fabric box.

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